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    forum rules Empty forum rules

    Post by Nebula on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:16 pm

    1. you can swear only in the chatbox
    2. don't disrespect the mods or higher ranks.
    3. be nice to everyone.
    4. you must be on at least 2-4 times a WEEK
    5. each RP post you do must have a minimum of 2-3 COMPLETE sentences.
    6. regular posts such as on an announcement or biography, must have a minimum of 1 sentence.
    7. do not be rude, or judge-mental for it may hurt someones feelings.
    8. be helpful to those whom need help.
    9. Do NOT Double post on any topic, or the second post WILL be deleted.
    10. Don't spam the chat box or you will be suspended from the chat box for a day.
    11. please No asking for a higher Rank, it will only make the Admins and moderators annoyed and want to put you at a lower rank, they will naturally give you a higher rank, if they think your good enough or fit for the job.
    12. no advertising on the chat box, unless you get PERMISSION from the Website creator (Nebula) first.
    13. Absolutely NO powers
    If any of these rules are broken, there will be consequences, if it keeps happening by the same person, they may be banned from the website or suspended from the website. so please do NOT disobey these rules.

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