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    Verandas Of Clathir

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    Verandas Of Clathir Empty Verandas Of Clathir

    Post by Karma on Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:02 pm


    Verandas Of Clathir

    "In a land of prospering life, two wolf packs have found refuge in the location.
    For centuries they have fought, innocent lives taken. But where do you belong?"


    Clathir is a site based on realistic wolves. Realistic actions. Realistic pelt colours and Realistic roleplay. It is a mature site for the age of 13+ because there will be graphic battles and your literacy skills will need to be good. The two packs, Primal Crescent and Sentitel Banes, Are two opposing forces much like fire and water. They can harm each other in different ways/strengths.

    All High Ranks are available to those who want to claim them because it is relatively new and still under a little bit on construction. You idea's are welcome and you are able to advertise your sites in due course of becoming an active member.


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