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pack Alpha’s
  • Alphaess: Nebula- Female
  • beta’s
    • Akino - Male
    • Valentine-Female
    Second beta’s
    • Griffin-Male
    • Izzi Eclipse-Female

    male Biography

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    male Biography Empty male Biography

    Post by Nebula on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:34 pm

    this is where The MALES will be doing their biography/description you will need the following

    Nick name~




    Desired rank~









    Fur color~

    Eye color~





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    male Biography Empty Re: male Biography

    Post by Darkness on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:27 pm

    Name~ Darkness

    Nick name~ not really

    Species~ unknown

    Age~ 6

    gender~ male

    Desired rank~ Alpha

    History~ I have a long and dark history that is a story for another time.

    personality~ I am sarcastic, kind, caring, loving, but yet also ruthless, aggressive, and I tend to go on psychotic rampages when im angered meaning anyone in my path may or may not perish.

    Characteristics~ Im strong, fast, agile, extremely intelligent. My body is quite large and muscular but still light as a feather. My claws are razor sharp and 6 inches in length.

    crush~ Nebula

    Mate~ Nebula

    Pups~ none

    Parents~ Zues -father deceased. Athena - mother deceased

    Siblings~ only child

    Fur color~ pitch black

    Eye color~ gold

    Strengths~ My strengths are combat and leading packs.

    weaknesses~ My weaknesses are taking orders and maintaining a relationship as in "mate".

    secrets~ My #1 all time secret is I am the most powerful sorcerer there ever was and ever will be. I do not like to flaunt my unworldy powers and skill because others get jealous and tend to defy my superiority and challenge. Then more often than not they turn up missing the next day or so . That all is that one needs to know about me

    Others~ sleeps around

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    male Biography Empty Re: male Biography

    Post by Akino on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:18 pm

    My name is Akino. I do not have a nickname yet. My wolf is a white timber wolf with light blue eyes. My age for my wolf is 2½ years. I am a male wolf. My desired rank for this pack is to be beta. Well my history isn't really interesting but if you guys would like to know yall can ask me. My personality is very out going at time but i do get annoyed by very childish acts when it is not necessary. I am aslo caring and a very friendly wolf, but i can also get aggressive and protective of certain wolves or the whole pack. I am a fairly large muscular wolf. With a few scars on m y left hind leg and a tear in my right ear. I do not have a crush right now. As i do not have a mate or pups. My parents are deceased same with my siblings. My strengths are protecting the pack if needed, leading, and hunting i do not really have a weakness that i know of. I don't have any secrets to tell. Well thats my biography.

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    male Biography Empty Re: male Biography

    Post by Griffin on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:58 pm

    Nickname-The VSO
    desired rank-Beta
    history-long and dark
    personality-That smart guy in the back with a smug grin on his face
    characteristics-strong, agile, built like a tank
    fur color-space black
    eye color-silver
    strengths-very many
    weaknesses-when something hit hard at home
    secrets-I'm the VSO
    Others-short fuse, very brutal, will attack to kill


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    male Biography Empty Animus biography

    Post by Animus on Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:39 pm


    Nick name~Aim


    Age~ 3

    gender~ Male

    Desired rank~Alpha

    History~ Was a beta in brothers pack until he became unruly. So I left as he lost control and was decorated in scars as I left.

    personality~ Fun, friendly, brave, loyal, protective, kind, and nurturing

    Characteristics~ Large wolf, long legs and muscular body, decorated with many scars



    Pups~Lilly, Shadow,Rosco, Flash, Pierce

    Parents~ Unknown was raised by my sister Dawn (deceased)

    Siblings~ Dawn -sister-(deceased), Hawk-brother- (unknown)

    Fur color~Deep red (dark orange brown color)

    Eye color~ Very bright turquoise

    Strengths~ Family, friends, and pack

    weaknesses~ My fears, and time it takes to trust (from brother attacking me)

    secrets~ For me to know no one to find out

    Others~ None

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    male Biography Empty Re: male Biography

    Post by Zeus on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:01 am

    Name~ Zeus

    Nick name~none


    Age~ 5

    gender~ Male

    Desired rank~ Alpha

    History~ I do not tell anyone of my dark and gruesome past filled with fighting and killing and earning my reputation among the other lone wolves of the mountains.

    personality~ Intellectually advanced, very temper mental, not exactly the patient time.

    Characteristics~ Extremely smart, fast thinking, immensely excelled in combat, and very stealthy. The perfect material for an Alpha.

    crush~ N/A





    Fur color~Black

    Eye color~Deep golden

    Strengths~Combat and leadership

    weaknesses~ none except for my cold heart

    secrets~ why would I tell you?

    Others~ N/A

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    male Biography Empty Re: male Biography

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